November 13, 2017
Innventure Receives Connect + Develop Award from P&G

On October 12th, Innventure received the Connect + Develop Alumni Award from Procter & Gamble for our work on PureCycle Technologies.

The Connect + Develop Award was created to recognize partnerships that help P&G deliver game-changing innovations to the market. It was an honor to receive this award for our work with P&G and the launching of PureCycle Technologies, the first ever technology that is capable of turning recycled polypropylene into a virgin equivalent end product, with a color, odor and purity profile equivalent to virgin polypropylene. “PureCycle is a game changer in the industry and we are proud to be P&G’s chosen partner to commercialize this gem of a disruptive technology, said Rick Brenner, Innventure COO and a P&G alumni.