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We strategically collaborate with large Multinational Corporations to commercialize disruptive technologies
Our Goal:
To create companies with billion dollar+ value designed to mitigate many of the inherent
risks in building typical startups

Disruptive technologies

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We are in the business of originating, funding, and commercializing truly disruptive technologies targeting 1B+ potential market value. Technology opportunities are historically sourced primarily from large Multinational Corporations.

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being flexible

By the very nature of launching disruptive technologies, there will be unanticipated events. We implement new Innventure Company strategic plans with the wisdom and experience to proactively identify and navigate the inevitable course corrections that will be necessitated by market adaptations to disruptive technologies that Innventure introduces to the market. This is what we call our Adaptive Strategic Positioning approach.

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early-stage ventures

that influence the world

What We Do for MNCs

Our DownSelect® assessment is designed to systematically match innovative technologies with substantial market opportunities and identify potential new Innventure Company targets.


Our methodology enables us to access technology that is available only through Multinational Corporations and not available otherwise.


We select the most transformative opportunities capable of achieving rapid market adoption.


We collaborate closely with the MNC that invented the technology as we launch the new Innventure Company.


Innventure finances, operates, and scales the new Innventure Company to achieve strategic and financial targets for Innventure and our stakeholders.


Innventure exits the new Innventure Company via trade sale or IPO to support accelerated scaling and Investor ROIC.

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Company Successes

We view plastic waste as a renewable resource that can be used infinitely.

Our ground-breaking, patented recycling process developed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) separates color, odor, and contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into ultra-pure recycled polypropylene.

The company that’s revolutionizing the liquid packaging industry.

It’s a breakthrough in liquids packaging that combines the best attributes of flexibles and rigids – and significantly reduces the negatives – creating a disruptive new package form.

A passive, two phase cooling solution designed to break through the datacenter “thermal wall”.

Get more return from your datacenter investment while meeting important power efficiency, water use and densification goals. Relevant in server, switching and edge environments.