We evaluate opportunities
through a strategic lens.


We identity opportunities that address significant market needs for commercialization.

Innventure's proprietary DownSelect assessment vets a broad range of innovative technology solutions and seeks to identify opportunities that address significant market needs for commercialization. DownSelect® is Innventure’s systematic evaluation, risk mitigation, and company creation assessment to transform markets.

Throughout the DownSelect assessment, we're looking through the lens of each dimension of the Innventure model including Multinational Partner, Strategic Execution, Significant Need, and Breakthrough Solution.

Your technology gets rigorously assessed and validated.

While Innventure was founded in 2015, its roots can be traced back more than thirty years, built around an evolved model created by a handful of Innventure’s current managing partners who have worked together for over three decades in the creation of disruptive companies rooted in breakthrough technologies across different industries.


Opportunity Screen

A high level assessment to determine whether the technology and associated business opportunities meet key criteria and to identify any critical issues that must be resolved to get to an eventual yes.

Critical Factor Assessment

Identification, assessment, and prioritization of an opportunity’s critical success and risk factors. The output at this stage includes a holistic assessment and determination on whether to proceed. If yes, includes the development plan to quantify critical success factors and mitigate risk.


Comprehensive Quantification

Quantitative assessment of the immediate new economic value proposition that drives adoption and pro-forma financial model. Output from this stage includes projected incremental profits generated for customers, compelling pricing model required to drive early adoption, business economics, risk factor mitigations and investment requirements.

Strategy & Formation

Set the initial strategy and secure early-stage funding/control of new Innventure Company. Secure rights to the technology via licensing or ownership, install appropriate management team and create the new Innventure Company.


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