DownSelect® Difference
for disruptive companies

DownSelect® is Innventure’s systematic evaluation, risk mitigation, and company creation assessment
to transform markets.

Proprietary Assessment

Proprietary Assessment

Innventure's proprietary DownSelect assessment vets a broad range of disruptive technologies and seeks to identify opportunities that address significant market needs for commercialization.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

We are focused on driving accelerated global commercialization based on decades of experience leveraging DownSelect insights and serial C-level leadership teams (CXO's) that come from the Innventure team.

Capital Markets Expertise

Capital Markets Expertise

Infrastructure to raise funds helps new Innventure Companies source sufficient funding to scale.

We maintain a robust balance sheet and a separate investment fund, giving us the flexibility to underwrite new Innventure Companies through mid-stage growth while retaining significant control during the formative years of each company.

Our funding infrastructure also gives the management teams of new Innventure Companies the runway to prioritize growth of the business and not be overly distracted by fundraising efforts.

Closed Loop Model

Access Advantage

Access to technology that is available only through Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and not available otherwise.

Proven technology
with tailored
technical support

Funded beyond proof of concept, strong patent strategy and early tailored technical support.

Deep proprietary
market knowledge

Deep MNC market knowledge related to the unmet market need, technology solution, industry value creation, market size and channels of distribution.

Early customer adoption
catalyzed by MNC

The MNC is motivated to catalyze early adoption by becoming an early customer and/or facilitate the initial customer base to drive financial and strategic value.

Closed Loop Model

The Innventure Closed Loop Model was created as a critical component of Innventure’s business and investment model. It seeks to provide access to highly disruptive technologies from Multinational Corporations (MNCs).