The Science of
Company Creation

We invest in and rapidly commercialize potentially disruptive technologies through strategic collaboration with leading Multinational Corporations.

We partner with Multinational Corporations (MNCs) who share opportunities within their R&D organizations. The MNC acts as a critical strategic collaborator, starting with technology inception and can include market insights, technology development, and channel access.

A key component in assessing each opportunity is the level of interest an MNC has in helping catalyze early adoption by becoming an early customer and/or facilitating the initial customer base to drive financial and strategic value.

The Innventure model is designed to enable the creation of new categories, markets, and new sources of value for MNCs.

We identify an opportunity being ​where a well-protected, disruptive technology solution addresses a significant unmet market need and has the potential to create $1B+ in new enterprise value. ​

Our team is uniquely suited to support Innventure Companies in a range of roles including operations, sustainability program management, fundraising, and investment decisions after the venture has been started. For declined opportunities, Innventure leverages DownSelect analysis output to provide valuable feedback to Multinational Partners.​

New Innventure Companies benefit from our seasoned team’s early-stage company building experience. From Day One, new Innventure Companies can leverage the existing Innventure infrastructure capabilities including human resources, accounting, and marketing; doing so significantly reduces the time to scale the business.

Our goal is to commercialize new Innventure companies in a flexible manner, conscious of the need to make rapid strategic adjustments as the market adapts to the introduction of disruptive technologies by Innventure.

Generally, Innventure will ultimately exit the new Innventure Company via trade sale or initial public offering (IPO) to monetize the investment and allow further market scaling of the business.

DownSelect Screening

Every technology we consider first goes through our rigorous DownSelect® assessment. Each new Innventure Company passes every stage of DownSelect®.

Fund and Operate

You invented the technology and can now stop investing in it. Innventure will fund it moving forward.


You benefit from the focused attention of experienced entrepreneurs who operate with speed and flexibility without distracting you from your core business.

Build Shareholder Value

We are focused on building shareholder value by advancing your technology to in-market success and sharing the financial benefit as mutually agreed.